Race drones onboard AIDAprima Cruiseship

About This Project

The month of april was packed with projects and being on the open ocean was an interesting adventure. Circumstances called for lots of flexibility.


The preplanning took the better part of about 3 months. We were approached to perform a race with two racedrones onboard the newest AIDAprima Cruiseship. The race itself should involve the whole ship. Obviously it needed to be filmed from the outside by a professional crew.
So this was a professional film job for us.


We did the planning and went out for the flight training way back in january. The film itself would show a complete race but that meant that we had to fly sections onboard the ship so that the outside cameras could record the action as well as our POV.


It took a while to get the formation close and fast enough for the right amount of action. But in the end the training went well and we managed to perfect all planned flight sections.


The Equipment

Since you can not buy any flight equipment on a cruise ship we had to pack everything we needed. The race would take place onboard the cruise ship but the outside race would be around the moving cruise ship on the open sea. We had to plan a loss of a racing drone.
Also race drone flight controllers do not have fancy stuff like hovering mode, coming home button or even a gps, so our racers needed to be flown manually at all times and the cruise ship would be moving at all times.


Therefore we packed 6 racing drones and two aditional copters, an inspire and a P3 to have them in the air filming the racing action from above.


We also packed all spare parts of a racing drone, lots of tools, all charging equipment, around 60 batteries, 4 Rc transmitters, 8 receivers.


The whole project put us onboard for about 10 days and there was quite a bit flexibility required by everybody involved. You can watch the end result above….enjoy!


Let us know what you think.



2 Crew, 8 copters, 60 batteries, 4 RC Tx, 10 cameras

Aerial Job
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