Professional drone flying and film production

SkyPros started out as a professional copter team with two very dedicated pilots bringing along more than ten years of experience, a background in flying real aircraft and outstanding skills.
In the beginning we focused on the piloting side of things and were there for all the complicated shots, over the last two years we evolved into a full film production company…but don´t worry you can still book us for the most complicated aerial shot you have in mind.
We create stunning movies with the help of big copters, small copters, fast copters, slow copters all from a big mothership to the fast small race copters.

Latest work

Race Drone department


Speed, sweat, close calls, adrenaline and more, we call it airdrenaline when our race team races them in contest or freestyle mode.

But thats not all we use them on a regular basis for professional film setups. They already stared in high end tv productions as well as in professional commercials

Industry Aerial department

Professional industrial use

The aerial field is wide and as a professional service company we keep a wide array of UAV´s for all kinds of jobs.

From a very small test quadrocopter to a full blown octocopter we have them all

Professional film department

Industry leading film copter

We started out in the film business 8 years ago, using what was then a new camera angle from the air.

Nowadays it is pretty much standard and we kept adding new maneuvers, angles, flights and equipment.

Our copters are used throughout a wide field of film, tv and commercial setups.